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Stane Kranjc

Our History

Founding Members and the Board of Directors 2002

Front row left to right: Joseph Slobodnik, Jožica Vegelj. Stane Kranjc, Dr. Anne Urbančič, Frank Brence
Second row left to right: Dorothy Lenarčič, Jerry Ponikvar, Dr. Janez Vintar, Ema Pogačar and Dr. Franc Habjan

Our Logo

1 CSHS logo M.jpg

The first members of the board of directors agreed that a logo would help identify the newly established CSHS in the community.  It would also reflect the dual nature and history of the community.   

The use of the maple leaf, representing Canada, and the linden leaf, representing Slovenia, was already a popular theme (perhaps best utilized by author John Vintar in his book From Linden to Maple).  In the logo, the intermingling of a maple leaf and a linden leaf ideally represents Canadians with roots in Slovenia. It is their histories that we research, record and preserve.   
The red and green logo appears on all printed and digital materials of the CSHS, now widely recognized in the community.

The final design was created by Whitney (Kranjc) Rasksen.  She was a young student when she created the logo and representative of the descendents of immigrants from Slovenia. 

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