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Video Biography

Kranjc Stan

Part 1. Stane was born in Slovenia and grew up during WWII while Slovenia was under fascist occupation. After WWII, Stan did not want to join the communist party so his options were limited. Because the boarders were close, he chose to escape to Italy. As a refugee, he applied to emigrate to Canada. Because of a lack of funds, he relied on IRO for help. He signed a contract and agreed to work anywhere in Canada, wherever he was needed. After crossing the Atlantic he arrived at Pier 21 and was sent to Edmonton to work off his contract. Part 2 deals with Stan’s many accomplishments in Canada.

Kranjc Stan 2

Part 2. After completing his one year contract, Stan went to Toronto because he had heard that there was a Slovenian community being established. He started working in a cheese factory and was later hired by General Mills and as a fork lift driver. In 1955 he married Elsie and they settled in Etobicoke where they raised a family. Stan was very successful at General Mills and quickly worked his way up to management. He became very involved with the Slovenian community and joined various organizations including; the church committee, scouting, Slovenian Summer Camp, as well being very involved in Slovenia gaining independence.

Ponikvar Jerry

Part 1. Jerry’s parents were born in Slovenia. His father came to Canada in 1926 with plans to earn some money and then return to Slovenia. However, after working in various mines in Kirkland Lake and Timmins, he went back home for a holiday and fell in love. He returned to Timmins and soon thereafter, his girlfriend Lucia followed and they married. Because of WWII, they remained there and started a family. Jerry was the oldest of four children and he helped his parents in their variety store while going to school in Timmins.

Ponikvar Jerry 2

Part 2. After completing high school, Jerry went to North Bay Teachers College. Upon graduating, he accepted a teaching position in Sault Saint Marie. Four years later he was promoted principal at Holy Family High School. A few years later, he joined the staff at London Teachers College. He continued his studies and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western University and his Masters Degree at University of Toronto. Eventually he was appointed Director of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School Board. He attributes much of his success to his wife Lilian and credits his parents for providing a strong religious background and solid Slovenian work ethic.

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