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Where Do I Start?

The internet has revolutionized family ancestry research, but with so much information available, it's hard to know where to start. Information must be organized to be valuable.

A good place to start is your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Although, they may give you conflicting information, record all this data on paper. As the information grows, you may need to use some software program to keep everything in order. 

There are many software programs dealing with genealogy that are comprehensive and organize your family's generations, documents and photos and then allows you to view the information in different ways, making research simpler and efficient. These programs are not really expensive.  Some are free but others range from around $35.00 and go up to $125.00. Learning to use the software is much easier than trying to trace your roots. 

Some of the most popular genealogical software programs are;

        - Legacy Family Tree
        - Family Tree Maker
        - Family Historian
        - RootsMagic
        - Ancestral Quest
        - Heredis
        - Family Tree Heritage
        - Brother’s Keeper
A variety of historical sources indicate that censuses have a considerable tradition, as they were already carried out in the centuries before Christ. However, concrete material originating from censuses was not for the most part preserved until the 19th century.

Most of our ancestors originated from the area governed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

Types of Records to Search:

        - Birth
        - Death
        - Marriage
        - Obituaries
        - Cemeteries
        - Newspapers and Periodicals
        - House Registration
        - Immigration
        - Military

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